3 Things Parents Can Do To Help Kids Achieve More

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Have you ever witnessed the frustration of your child just giving up when they find school work difficult? What if you could find a way to turn things around for them and develop their self-confidence? By following a simple pattern of positive performance coaching strategies, you CAN help get your child back on track.
I regularly visit www.biglifejournal.com for inspiration and highly recommend this site, both as an educator and as a parent of three children. Their Growth Mindset Blog is well worth a visit, offering help and advice on topics such as overcoming fear of failure to providing advice on praising kids.
The Big Life Journal’s blog post ‘4 Steps for Helping Your Child Set Effective Goals’ gives excellent advice, and has some great PDFs (as seen above) that you can download for free. These will help you and your child plan the path to success. All you have to do is visit the site, subscribe and the PDFs will be sent straight to your inbox.
Emerald Education Centre can help your child to develop self-confidence and achieve more. Contact Elaine Lingard at emeraldeducationbundoran@yahoo.com to find out more.

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