4 Must-Do Activities for August!

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Yeah! Summer is upon us again and the sun is shining! We have been enjoying the good weather. The kids have spent time vising their grandparents – something that we previously took for granted but, like everything else, the spread of the Covid-19 virus meant that they had not been able to stay with them for almost 2 years. I am so grateful that the restrictions are starting to be lifted in most areas and that we can return to some sort of normality in our lives.


Something else that was missing from our summer last year – holiday camps. Already, my kids have been able to participate in a few activities while staying with their grandparents. I am THRILLED to announce that Emerald Education Centre’s summer camps are back this year too so, without further ado, here are our four must-do camps for this year:

1. Crafts Camp

Emerald Education Centre’s Crafts Camp is always good fun. Each year, we base all of our activities on a theme. The theme for 2021 is ‘Summer Fun’. We guide the children through the making process step-by-step, making sure they have great masterpieces to bring home at the end of each day. An don’t worry if your little one might not be able to cope with the intricacies of cutting, sticking, and following instructions – we have helping hands at the ready to ensure they have the ‘look what I made’ smile for you at the end of the day. And the other big bonus is that you will have no glue, paper, and mess to clear up… what is there not to like about it?!


Our Crafts Camp runs from Monday 2nd August – Friday 6th August, 1-4pm.

Book here.


2. Science Camp

Our Science Camp is great for all those budding little scientists who like setting up experiments then finding out what happened and why. We have hands-on fun science activities and carry out some practical investigations, from simple kitchen-cupboard experiments to some big WOW group demonstrations, which are always the highlight of our camps! We not only carry out the fun practical activities, but also talk about the science behind them, which allows our young scientists to show off their knowledge when they get home!


Our Science Camp runs from Monday 9th August – Friday 13th August, 1-4pm.

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3. Computer Kids Camp

The Computer Kids Camp is always popular. We play with simple programmable floor robots, entering instructions to navigate them from one place to another. Our stop motion animation sessions are fantastic, where children work together to produce a short film to make toys and other small objects come to life on the screen. We look at editing too, adding sound and transitions to our films. We finish the week with learning all about presentations. Kids research a topic of their choice and make a cool presentation, all of which will be available online for you to view at home.


Our Computer Camp runs from Monday 16th August – Friday 20th August, 1-4pm.

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4. Slime & Summer Fun Camp

Our ultimate camp is a combination of some of the great parts of our other camp’s activities. We have put lots of the elements of our crafts, science and computer camps together, added a slime session into the mix, and produced this not-to-be-missed camp, crammed full of fun! So if your kid likes to make things, mess around and do experiments, learn new computer skills AND loves to make some stretchy, oozy slime, then this is the camp for you!


Our Slime & Summer Fun Camp runs from Monday 23rd  August – Friday 27th August, 1-4pm.

Book here.

Places are very limited, due to extra restrictions in place to ensure safe social distance and other safety measures are followed. You can book your place and on our website at https://emeraldeducationcentrebundoran.com/services-camps/ or contact Elaine via any of our social media accounts. So don’t delay – book today!



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