Encouraging Your Kid to Use Technology for Good – by guest blogger Amy Ryan

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We are living in the digital age, and our children are exposed to all of the ever-evolving technology on offer. This means they are growing up in a more connected world, thanks to the Internet, as well as the different types of gadgets and devices available on the market. In fact, many parents have bought their children several devices, or given them some of our used smartphones and tablets. This allowed them to explore social media or even played some of the popular online games on the web.
As parents, we must guide them and teach them how to use technology in a more positive way. We play an important role in teaching them the right values and discipline, so they don’t abuse technology and become addicted to games and social media. We want them to use their time more productively, like researching important concepts, learning valuable life skills and finishing their homework.
In addition, we should teach our children how to balance technology and life. This will ensure that they will not waste their time on things that could quickly turn bad with excessive use. For instance, you can introduce other hobbies like drawing to replace video game playing. The important thing to consider is to engage your child’s interests and show them that there are other fun things out there to engage in.
Enhancing your kid’s learning through technology
Years ago, students used books or go to public libraries to research and learn new stuff, but we are now in a modern and advanced world where technology had opened the learning floodgates. Just imagine what augmented and virtual realities could accomplish.
So, instead of reading how the Eiffel Tower was built, your kids could step into virtual reality and experience how the structure was erected. They could experience firsthand how that massive steel structure was dragged into place. This could provide them with vivid memories instead of words on pages.
In fact, virtual reality can now be utilised using a particular type of goggles coupled with a smartphone or computer. This technology can surely enhance your kid’s learning because anything that was just written and illustrated before in books can now be constructed in an alternate reality, so they can interact with what they are learning and experience it on a much deeper level.
Help your kids develop time-management skills via time tracking and scheduling apps
You can also use technology to help your kids develop time-management skills and be more organised especially with their schoolwork. There are various time trackers, digital calendars, and scheduling apps that can teach your kids to be more efficient and productive.
Basically, these apps will notify your child before their scheduled activity or remind them of a pending homework that they need to accomplish within a set deadline. This is an excellent way to instil a sense of accountability in your family and make your child more responsible for their time.
Teach your child to become responsible digital citizens
Our children will often use several online services like social media sites or group chats that will expose them to the online community. Being online and interacting with other people will mean that we are part of a more significant community, and our actions will affect others. So, we have the responsibility for how we treat other people online.
Therefore, you should always teach your kids to respect other people while they are interacting with them on the web or protect themselves from any improper action against them like cyberbullying. We recommend that you always monitor your child’s online activities, so you’ll know who they are interacting with online.
Overall, we live in a digitally saturated world, and it is tempting to worry or be anxious since technology has its own sinister side. But it also offers some benefits, and it has a powerfully good side too.
As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our kids to use tech wisely and inspire them to become awesome members of a digitally-based society.
Amy Ryan is a Maths Tutor based in Melbourne, Australia. Please click on the link to visit her website https://www.mathstutorsmelbourne.com.au/

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