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Our Online Courses are great value for money. Each course contains several lessons with video tutorials, information, practice questions, quizzes and tests. Simply purchase the course, receive the log-in details by email, then work at your own pace through the material – simple!

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Online Course

Finding Your Way With Fractions

Introductory Price: €59
RRP €79

This course will help you understand the basics in fractions:

Module 1 – Make, Compare and Order Fractions
Module 2 – Improper Fractions & Mixed Fractions
Module 3 – Equivalent & Simplified Fractions
Module 4 – Add & Subtract Fractions
Module 5 -Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers
Module 6 -Multiplying Fractions
Module 7 – Dividing Fractions
Module 8 – Ratios

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