If you are looking for tutors in another subject area, here are some online friends and colleagues I can highly recommend.
Lise Mariano

Online French tutor

Lise Mariano is a French tutor with many years of experience teaching French. She is a qualified French teacher and native teacher from Quebec. She is passionate about teaching French to adults and children. She has been living in Australia for nearly 30 years. She tutors French in person and online. All lessons are fun, engaging and interactive. As a native French speaker, she will really help you get the correct pronunciation.Let’s Speak French students learn stress-free in a comfortable online learning environment which allows students from all over the world to participate in French lessons through the ease of technology.

Robin Glembotzky

Online Science Tutor

When people think of studying anything related to Science, they often panic.  Science centers on the idea that we always have more to learn.  It, often, makes us think of the stars we see at night.  They seem to be endless.  We can’t count all that we see.  The same is said about the field of Science.  There is so much to learn!   But Science doesn’t have to be a frightening experience.  It’s is about continuing to ask questions and understanding that learning is a lifelong experience.   Leonardo da Vinci, at age 80, stated, “I am still learning.”  When you think of it in those terms, mastering AP Biology and AP Physics, while a challenge, is, completely within your grasp.

Terri Grigsby

Online Maths Tutor

I am an Online Math Tutor and In Person Math tutor. I tutor Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and PreCalculus. I can help you really master the material by working with the way you learn best. 

Suzanne Davis,

Academic Writing Tutor

Hi! My name is Suzanne Davis, and I am an online academic writing tutor.  I created Academic Writing Success because I wanted to give college students the writing and academic skills they need to succeed in college.  I tutor students who want to share their thoughts by writing powerful academic papers. I teach students how to write persuasive, informative and interesting academic essays and research papers. I also write a weekly academic writing blog on this website.  These blog posts are full of advice on how to improve your writing and research skills.  My mission is for my students to have confidence in their ability to write for college, graduate school and their future professions. 

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