Slime and Summer Time Fun Camp


Our Slime and Summer Time Fun Camp is a 3-DAY CAMP and is perfect for kids who want to do a little bit of everything!

Summer Camps in Bundoran don’t get much better than this! Our Slime and Summer Time Fun Camp is back again for 2023, promising to be great fun! This camp is very popular with kids. They get the opportunity to make SLIME! Need I say more??!

We’ve got the perfect blend of activities to keep your little ones buzzing with excitement. Brace yourself for a thrilling three-day adventure that includes making slime, crafting amazing creations, learning awesome computer skills, and diving into superb science experiments. Here’s what makes our camp the ultimate recipe for epic summer adventures:

  • Slime Sensation: Get ready to dive into a squishy, gooey world of slime-making fun! Our kids will learn all about making slime. They’ll explore and experiment with ingredients, and create their own unique slime creations. It’s a hands-on, sensory experience that will unleash their imagination and leave them smiling from ear to ear. They will love making their very own slime to take home with them.
  • Crafty Creations: Let your crafty kid’s talents shine! Our children will unleash their inner artists. They’ll learn different techniques, work with various materials, and make some gorgeous crafts to bring home. They get the opportunity to follow step-by-step instructions to produce some fabulous crafts during our fun-filled activity sessions.
  • Terrific Tech : It’s time to level up your kid’s tech skills! Our children will dive into the exciting world of computers and technology. They’ll learn coding basics, explore interactive software, and engage in fun-filled activities that introduce them to simple animation. From designing their own games to creating digital art, they’ll discover the power of technology. They will even be able to access these at home to share their new-found knowledge with you!
  • Spectacular Science: Get ready to unleash your child’s inner scientist! Our kids will conduct fun science experiments, combining learning with fun. we explore what makes things fly, we dive into simple physics and chemistry, creating fun experiments that children love.

At our camps, making new friends and having a blast go hand in hand.  This exciting camp gives kids the opportunity to take part in LOADS of activities, making it a summer to remember!


What is there not to love about it?! This camp is suitable for children aged 4-12 years old. As always, these popular camp places always become fully booked quickly. Make sure your child does not miss out on what promises to be a great week. Places will be limited, so early booking is advised.

Contact Elaine on or message on our Facebook page if you need to discuss further details.

This camp will run from Tuesday 22rd August – Thursday 24th August 2023, from 1-4pm.

Places will only be guaranteed when full payment of €70 is made. A discounted price of €65 is available for siblings attending the same camp.



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Summer Camps in Bundoran don’t get much better than this! Our Slime and Summer Time Fun Camp is back again for 2023, promising to be great fun!

This summer camp is jam-packed with loads of great activities. It includes making slime, arts and crafts, some cool sciencey-crafty bits and bobs to test flying things, playing on the computers and so much more!

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