Need a Times Tables Fairy Godmother for your Child?

I am your magical times tables fairy godmother!


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Seriously, I am.


I can wave my magic wand and take away the biggest problem that most of our children have in maths – knowing their times tables facts. I can show you how to make multiplication tables easier for your child.


Imagine having the power to do that.


What if that was true? How much easier would life be for your child? Picture the change in your child. Imagine them not having to struggle to do homework. Not having to feel embarrassed when they do not know the answer in class when the teacher asks a question. Imagine them not having to panic and quickly recite the times tables in their head to retrieve one fact each time they are asked a question, or when they need to solve a problem. How good would that be?


Think of the confidence boost that would give your child. It would be amazing, right?


Good News

Well, the good news is that it does not have to be just a dream. It does not have to be just a figment of your imagination. This can actually be a reality.

I am re-launching my course ‘Master Your Multiplication Tables in a Month’ and I will be offering a special early bird discount for parents who are interested in buying it for their child. As part of this course, you will be given:

  • Four weeks of video content and follow-up materials
  • online tasks and games
  • resources to download and complete in between sessions
  • access to our group especially for parents of children on the course. This private group will provide support, downloads, extra information and bonus resources.

Although I cannot guarantee that your child will learn every table by heart, this course will make life a lot easier for them by helping them to master the patterns and recall answers with ease. They will be able to find tables facts quickly. They will find fun ways to remember the trickier facts they will know many of the facts can be reversed – this is called commutativity.


When one times table fact is learned, they’ve really learned the equal and opposite one too. Imagine using a multiplication square with the two times table, for example. Children will be shown that ‘three times seven’ is the same as ‘seven times three’ by looking at it vertically and horizontally. This abstract concept is not always easy to grasp.


We have the power to give children confidence to perform well in maths – it’s just a case of learning the times tables.

a list of times tables facts emerald education

Tables, Tables Everywhere!

Knowing the multiplication tables affects your child’s performance in just about every topic in maths. The times tables crop up in almost every area of maths that you can think of.  Let’s look at a few examples:


  • Adding, multiplying, simplifying fractions
  • Calculating percentages
  • Solving algebra equations (think of these as simple number problems at the earlier stages)
  • Ratio
  • Calculating angles. For example, there are three angles equal in an equilateral triangle, so your child has to either learn by heart that each angle is going to be 60 degrees or they have to know that they can use the times table fact of ‘three times six is 18’ and manipulate that to make ‘three times 60 is 180.’
  • Problem solving


The list goes on and on…Using simple table facts really help children excel across the maths curriculum.


It is also amazing how much knowledge of times tables is required further up the education system. When it comes to exams – the GCSE and A Levels if you’re in England, the National 4, National 5 and Higher exams in Scotland, and the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams in Ireland – students waste so much time using calculators to perform simple calculations. Having the knowledge of the times tables and being able to recall the facts quickly is absolutely crucial to be able to answer questions quickly.


Special Offer!

Would you like to give the gift of confidence to your child and promise them that in just one month they will find maths a lot easier? Would you like to be one of the early birds and grab that discount before it disappears?


Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


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