Master Your Times Tables in a Month (book)


No more tears over times tables. This book guides you through different rules and patterns to help you recall the times tables with no trouble. After each teaching section, you will find exercises for you to practice your new skills. There are QR codes to link you to online games and videos. You can even use one of the QR codes to print copies of the worksheet pages for extra practice.
This book is aimed at 7-12-year-olds. It is designed to give you the flexibility of allowing children to work through each week independently, or you can support your child and work on the lessons together.
Master the tricks and tips to commit the multiplication facts to memory and crush it in maths!
Included in this book:
step-by-step guidance on REALLY learning the times tables
fun video and games QR codes to practice new skills
36 motivational worksheet pages and QR codes to download and print additional copies for extra practice.


This one-hour course is perfect for students studying for exams. It shares strategies and helpful tips to get the most out of study time, using research-backed evidence. Give yourself the chance to succeed!


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