When Multiplication Tables Give Kids a Hard Time

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 What is the difficulty with times tables? What do you do when multiplication tables give kids a hard time? When it comes to maths, multiplication tables are like the puzzle pieces that make everything fit together. But what happens when those puzzle pieces are missing? Well, that’s when kids start to face a whole load of struggles in their maths journey. In this blog post, we will look into the challenges that arise when kids don’t have quick recall of those essential multiplication tables –  and you will learn just how important it is to help your child get to grips with times tables and set them up to become a real little maths whizz!

A Bumpy Road to Problem-Solving

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Imagine trying to solve a maths problem, but your brain keeps getting stuck on those basic multiplication calculations. Ouch! That’s what happens when kids don’t have those multiplication tables learned by heart. It slows them down and makes problem-solving feel like a never-ending uphill climb. With a little bit of guidance, you can help them reach the top of that hill faster!


Frustration and Maths Anxiety on the Rise

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Nobody likes feeling stuck or confused, especially when it comes to maths. When kids struggle with multiplication tables recall, frustration and maths anxiety tend to tag along for the ride. It’s like a not-so-fun rollercoaster that can make them doubt their math skills and see math as public enemy number one. This fear or dislike of maths can stick around for the rest of their lives. As parents, it is our job to help our children overcome fears, and maths fear is no different. 


Missing the Big Picture


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Understanding multiplication is important for kids to succeed at schoolwork. Without fluency in multiplication tables, they struggle to completed problems, take much longer to reach answers and cannot always see how each step relates to the previous one. They might have trouble seeing the patterns, relationships, and connections that make maths click. We can help them put the puzzle pieces together and help make maths make sense.


Slowing Down the Maths Train

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When a foundation is shaky, it’s hard to build upon it, and that’s exactly what happens when kids struggle with multiplication tables recall. As they grow older, they end up trying to learn advanced math topics with one foot stuck in the mud. We want to help them zoom ahead on the maths train, not get stuck at the station! By doing some daily practice, children can quickly get to grips with times tables. The best way, as with anything, is to make it fun. I have put together a great little course ‘Master your Multiplication tables in a Month’ that helps children learn their times tables. You can find out more about it here. It is available at half price as a special offer, so grab it before time runs out!

Children can get that daily practice in by looking at each times table and learning the patterns, completing online games, worksheets and even listening to songs online. My book ‘Master Your Time Tables in a Month’ does all of this, complete with QR codes to get to online games and videos. It is available to pick up directly from me at the centre (if you are local) or from Amazon


We’ve seen just how much of a struggle it can be when kids don’t have quick recall of multiplication tables. But help is at hand and we really can make a difference with a little daily practice. By helping kids build a strong foundation in multiplication, we’re setting them up for success in problem-solving, banishing maths anxiety, and making maths a subject they can really get to grips with. At Emerald Education, we get it. We know the struggles kids face when multiplication tables aren’t easy. That’s why we offer our fun online multiplication course and our times tables book, designed to boost recall, develop number sense, and make it all make sense. Go on. Click the link. Make this coming term the one in which your child REALLY learns their times tables.

If you would like to find out more about the tuition services and courses we offer, email elaine@emeraldeducationcentrebundoran.com 

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